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Kye has battled with her inner demons since her teenage years. But returning to her home, she finds that not all of her demons are imaginary.

Janyl's world is turned upside down when her Mother is murdered and she is taken from her home and forced into a camp where she quickly discovers the new dystopian world order...

6 great plays and one monologue make for an interesting and exciting read for everyone. Whether in the mood to scream, sing or cry, Mono and Dia has something for every occasion!

Jill isnít the only one that knows about evil in the world. With a new paranormal expert sweeping the country claiming to be able to see evil in others and quash it, Jill soon discovers he is but a symptom of a new plague troubling humanity.

The Frenarians are space explorers looking to settle on a peaceful planet. But even before they land, things take a turn for the worse; with storms to rip the flesh from bones and creatures with a blood lust that could rival any civilisation in history, the people from Frenari soon realise they may never know peace again.

People are born and people die, that is the circle of life. Jill just tends to help some of them along quicker than others. But Jill doesnít kill for pleasure or because she is insane, she kills because she can see people for what they really are: and some people are pure evil.

On 13 September 2815 at 16:41, Lyssa Talmidge is faced with losing her freedom and being forced down a path that she did not choose. But sometimes destiny has different plansÖ

Writers for Animals Anthology is a collection of twenty stories about animals and their relationships with humans. It features both published and previously unpublished writers from all around the world. This anthology of inspiring true-life and engaging fictional stories will delight animals lovers everywhere. Edited by Jenny Elliott-Bennett.

By Crystal Rogers

The new full length erotic story by author Crystal Rogers. Louisa and her friends are looking forward to a great getaway full of fun and laughter. What they find turns out to be no laughing matter.

The new erotic short story compilation by author Crystal Rogers.

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