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Catherine was born and raised by her Mother and Father with help from her two older sisters in Muskegon, Michigan in the United States.

The Early Years

One of the earliest memories that Catherine has is learning to read her first book at the age of 3. The book was Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss.

It wasn't long until she discovered writing and around the age of 13 she was entered into a mentoring programme at school where she received extra tuition from a writing student from the local college.

During this time she enjoyed books written by Scott O'Dell and particularly fell in love with Island of the Blue Dolphins, a book she continues to consider one of the best books ever written.

Her love of writing continued into her later teens, where she wrote for the school newspaper, created a school newsletter as a part of one of the clubs she was in and took her first creative writing class. She also started reading Dean R Koontz and Stephen King particularly enjoying Watchers and The Stand respectively.


In 1992, Catherine started university at CMU (Central Michigan University). Ultimately she embarked on a Bachelor's degree in Biology focusing on Natural Resources, Conservation and Ecology. She continued to read and write and took numerous creative writing courses during her degree with a wish to become a Conservation Officer by day and writer by night.

In a Fantasy and Science Fiction literature course, she discovered the works of Ursula K. LeGuin and Terry Pratchett who have become her two favourite authors of all time.

Like so many young people do, Catherine fell in love and shifted her attention to her family. It was during these years that she published her first poem in a small English poetry journal.

Catherine continued to write when she could find the time. She did not pursue a career in writing but also found her wish to work within the Conservation field had been thwarted by cuts in the field; so she turned to teaching.


After she and her husband spent a number of years in Michigan not far from where she grew up, Catherine and her family returned to England whereupon she embarked on a degree in law in order to teach herself the discipline necessary to become a full-time writer.

She started reading and writing more non-fiction works, particularly to do with law. What she was not prepared for was the interest and love she developed for the law that ultimately led her to work towards a legal career.

After many years of studying, volunteering and working towards becoming a barrister of England and Wales (which she attained in 2009) Catherine finally realised that she had indeed acquired the discipline to write for long periods of time and had improved her writing skills through logic as well. Once she finally accepted she was ready to start a writing career, she sought to finish her first full length novel. Then with added confidence at finishing that, she wrote a second novel soon followed by a third.

And then she knew all that was missing was publication...

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