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CG Designs is a small company producing and selling beading kits in a number of different styles. We seek to make our kits easy to understand, entertaining to use and the end product is something that anyone would be proud to wear. We currently have 10 styles of necklaces, bracelets and earrings and kits are available for many of them now. See below for more details and links to where you can purchase the kits. Our book 'Jewellery Beading Designs for All' will be published in the near future. Check back for further details.

CG Designs Kits

CG Designs currently has 10 different designs: Simple, Braided, Squares, Central, 5 Strand, Hippie, Charming, Elegant, 3D and Ornate.

Each design has 3 variations to make matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.


Each kit can be purchased in 4 colours and bead types.

Future Kits

Over the coming weeks, we will release the other kits. Here are pictures of some of the other finished projects.







Kits Currently Available

Over the coming weeks, we will release more kits. See below for the kits currently available.

Simple Bracelet #001

This kit is the simplest of the kits available, but it is elegant in its simplicity.

You can order this kit in 5 different colours: pink and grey, yellow and white with bamboo beads, green and yellow, blue with grey and black, silver lined beads with hematite and stars.

Braided Bracelet #002

Using only seed beads, this kit is beautiful once it is put together.

You can order this kit in 4 different colours: yellow with black, black with silver, pink with green and white, purple with silver lined beads.

Squares Bracelet #003

This kit joins together the simplicity of #001 with the fun of #002. Add to that the eye-catching square beads, creating a unique style all its own.

You can order this kit in 5 different colours: yellow and black, turquoise and pink, pink and green, blue with butterflies and silver lined with hematite.

Charming Bracelet #007

Information coming soon.

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